Mads Vendelbo LindSo, nutrition and especially nutrition science is a popular field, where there is an endless amount of information (some more useful than others). So, you might think, why do I want to read another blog about it?

Well, you do! Because this blog is about how science is actually performed using my own research as an example. This will not be a blog about the super-duper-health-effects of some unknown plant/seed coming out of central Fantasyland. As I’m quite a foodie myself, I tend to believe that all foods are good, happy and comforting superfoods – we just need to eat them in appropriate amounts (and I must admit, I struggle with finding the appropriate amount of cake).

I have a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and a master’s degree in Human Nutrition, both from the University of Copenhagen. I did my PhD as a double degree working at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden at the Department of Food Science and Nutrition as well as at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports. The latter is where I currently work, which involves doing research and teaching for bachelors, masters and PhD students.

As with all research, my research has to be funded (since before mentioned Fantasyland doesn’t seem to exist). Either by companies, private investors, NGOs or government funding programs – or others (feel free to send me your advice…or a check). I have received funding from both companies and government funding programs – which for some means I cannot be trusted. I will try to update my potential conflict of interest so you can decide yourself whether you trust the things I write or not.

I hope that you find the blog interesting and if you have any questions, feel free to send them to me through the contact page.

Welcome on board and let’s eat some science…and cake!